Welcome to Marley Roofing’s Guarantee Registration Website

Marley Roofing proudly extends a quality guarantee on its coated concrete roof tile offering - with a 7 year guarantee on Marley M11 and a 22 year guarantee on Marley M22.
To successfully register the guarantee, simply follow the easy steps below:


Option 1: First time registrations

  • Step 1 – Click the button below to download and print the Marley Terms & Conditions Contract.
  • Step 2 – Read all the terms and conditions carefully, complete all necessary fields, ensure you initial every page and sign the last page in full.
  • Step 3 - Scan and send the completed and signed contract to guarantees@marley.co.za together with the following documentation:
    • Proof of Marley M11 or M22 purchase e.g. till slip or invoice
    • Photos of the installed roof *please see contract for more details on photos

Option 2: Extension of the guarantee to new owner

  • Step 1 – scan and send the following documentation to guarantees@marley.co.za
    • The registration reference number as given to the initial registering party
    • Letter or official documentation as proof of ownership
  • Step 4 (Option 1 & 2) – Confirmation of the successful guarantee will be communicated via e-mail correspondence within 24 hours. If no correspondence have been received please contact Marley Roofing at +27 (0)10 600 0284 to confirm receipt of registration or transfer.